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Common Roofing Issues All Homeowners Should Know

As homeowners, you should always bear in mind that your roof is the protective layer of your home. It is responsible for keeping the elements out, and at the same time, keeping comfortable temperatures and healthy air in. However, even the best roofs are susceptible to damage over a period of time. This is why it is essential to provide the proper and regular care to your roof to ensure durability as well as damage prevention.


Naturally, it is best to take a preventive approach whenever possible. This is why we came up with a few of the most common roofing issues that homeowners experience:


Roof Leaks

If your roof has leaks, you can expect a substantial moisture accumulation within the walls of your home. This alone can cause serious mold problems, among other expensive situations. In terms of identifying the causes of roof leaks, this can be a bit challenging.


Damaged Shingles

Along the same lines, strong winds and other natural factors are known for inflicting great damage to your shingles. If shingles are misplaced, broken, or begin to curl, the wood paneling underneath it will be exposed to moisture. This, in turn, will cause the wood paneling to rot and eventually break apart. So, if moisture finds its way beyond the initial barrier of your home, you can expect to experience mold issues in your attic and beyond.


Damaged Flashing

Flashing is the barrier found around your vents and pipes. It is there to prevent moisture from seeping through the gaps. If the flashing is corroded or damaged, however, then it will not be able to do its job. This, in turn, allows moisture to enter the system. Damaged flashing can also cause significant portions of your roof to need repair if it is not addressed early.


Low-Quality Workmanship

When it comes to your home’s roofing, you really do get what you pay for. For instance, if you have delved into a DIY roofing project or if you hire a roofing company that is not reputable and experienced, then you are running the risk of winding up with a poor job that can lead to premature damage. Beyond this, poor-quality workmanship will eventually cause further harm to your home, inflicting damage that was not even an issue before your project got started.


Improper Repairs

There are certain types of roofs that require certain materials when it is time for repairs. If you use materials that are not designed for application on the particular type of roof that you have, then you could be setting yourself up for permanent damage. Keep in mind that minor problems can become major issues if you are using incorrect materials for your repairs.


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