Leaking Roof? It’s Probably Your Flashing

What is flashing?

Roof flashing seals and protects roof joints from water penetration. Flashing is even more important than the roofing product you use; it’s a technique that separates good roofers from poor roofers.

Think of it like a snake’s scales or braided hair. Each piece is put over the next to make for a strategic pattern to provide protection against water. Flashing is essential when it comes to spots on your roof near penetrations that would have leakage without protection.

Why is flashing so important?

Anywhere there a gap, there is a chance for a leak. A chimney protruding from your roof is a major risk of water leakage, but it’s the flashing that keeps it dry. Skylights? Dormer jets? You can thank your flashing for allowing these structures.

Unfortunately, the huge majority of reroofing companies reuse the old flashing instead of installing a brand new flashing pattern. Why? It takes a lot of time and a lot of training to learn proper flashing. Replacing shingles without replacing flashing is asking for trouble.

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