Roofing FAQs: You have questions, we have the answers

We meet homeowners every day in our line of work and we tend to run into the same questions.

We thought it would be a great idea to help inform you about some things in the roofing industry that most people just don’t know. Please check out our Roofing FAQs below:

  • What kind of underlayment do you use?

We remove all old underlayment and replace with new. Along the eavestroughs and in the valleys, which are high traffic water areas, we use a peel and stick underlayment called Ice & Water Shield (IKO Stormshield). This is a heavy-duty underlayment that protects your roof from potential ice damming. The rest of the roof is covered with a synthetic underlayment (IKO Stormtite). By covering your entire roof with underlayment, it protects your roof if there were ever to be a shingle blown off in strong winds.

  • What is the warranty on the shingles?

This is a very common question and one that should be taken with a grain of salt:
The IKO Cambridge shingle carries a 30 year or “Lifetime” warranty. The fine print is that all shingle warranties are prorated from the install date. It might be easiest if I attach a link and you can read up yourself.
(We also but a 10 year workmanship warranty on all of our work)

  • How long will the job take?

At SW Roofing, we pride ourselves on being able to finish each job in ONE day. Our team is made up of a number of experienced roofers and we schedule jobs accordingly to be the most efficient. It’s quite simple: Big roof=more workers. We have received great feedback from homeowners. Let’s face it, no one wants their roof to be a multiple day project!

  • Do your workers wear fall protection gear?

YES! All of our workers comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations. On our job sites, you’ll see each one of our workers wearing harnesses, ropes, helmets and steel-toed boots. Safety is of utmost importance!

  • What else do you need from me (homeowner)?

We are here to make the homeowners job easy and stress free. After scheduling a date to complete the work, all we will need from you is a colour picked out. Each homeowner is given a colour sample booklet at the time of the quote. Once a colour is picked out, the material is ordered and delivered to your rooftop. It’s as easy as that!

  • Do you use subcontractors?


First off, what is a subcontractor?
A subcontractor is a company hired by another company. Say for instance, you hired “Company A” to re-shingle your roof. When the day comes, you find out that “Company A” has hired “Company B” to perform the work. This can cause all sorts of problems.

For starters, you, the homeowner, do not know who is actually performing the work. The quality and liability has now shifted from who you thought you hired, to another company that you have most likely never heard of. Subcontracting has become an issue in the trade world. We are here to change that.


If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact SW Roofing today!

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