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Roofing Inspection: What to Expect

Your roof is important in terms of keeping everyone in your home protected, as well as your possessions. Thus, it is important that you maintain your roof on a daily basis to keep it in good condition. If you do not do this, then you might suffer from roofing problems later on.


Many homeowners worry about having their roof inspected once they suspect that their roof has already sustained damage. Roof inspections, however, should not be reactionary as you should proactively schedule them. It is imperative to perform roof inspections twice a year to keep underlying issues from turning into major ones. Even if your roof does appear to be in good shape, it could still be harbouring issues that only a professional would be able to detect. Keep in mind that even the strongest and most durable roofs can have some weakness.


Read on as we discuss the things you can expect with a professional roof inspection.



The source of roof leaks is difficult to determine because it is usually located far away from the leak itself. A professional roofing contractor will go up to your attic and look for mold, moisture, and rot issues. He will also examine the insulation and ventilation within the space as these are the keys to maintaining your roof’s performance as well as your home’s energy efficiency.



Your roofing contractor will also climb to your roof to check for wear and tear. He will take note of damaged or missing shingles – these issues leave the underlayment exposed to the elements. He will also check the condition of your gutters, flashing, and roof deck.



After the inspection, your roofing contractor will discuss their findings with you and he will also recommend any necessary repairs.


To ensure that your roof remains in good condition for as long as possible, it is important that you hire a reputable roof inspector to perform a thorough inspection of your roof at least once or twice a year. Give us a call here at SW Roofing if you are looking for experienced and reputable roof experts!

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