Worried Woman Holding Bucket While Water Droplets Leak From Ceiling In Kitchen

Roofing Leaks and How to Deal with Them

Who wants to find water leaking from their ceiling? That’s right – NO ONE. Whether you are at home when the leak starts, or you come home to it and the damage it caused, it is essential that you take IMMEDIATE action to prevent further damage to your home.



In the event that you find water dripping from a discolouration or bulge in your ceiling, it is likely that water is pooling on the other side of that dark spot or bulge. Grab a trash can, bucket, or any container and place it under the site of the suspected leak or drip. You can also prop up a board inside the container, so the drips hit the board and not the accumulate water. This helps to minimize the repetitive and annoying dripping sound.


Once you are confident that you know where the leak is coming from and you can safely get to the source, the next thing you should do is cover the exterior surface with a large tarp. If you cannot reach it, or you feel unsafe doing so, it is best to contact one of our roofing professionals at SW Roofing immediately. However, if your roof is actively leaking due to bad weather, a roofing professional will not be able to repair the leak until the weather has stopped. The tarping service will then act as a quick and temporary fix just to minimize the damage inside your home until our roofers can fix the problem thoroughly.


Our experienced roofing experts will inspect your roof from both the inside of your home and the exterior of the roof itself, typically through the attic.



It is important that you act as quickly as possible when it comes to a roof leak. Leaky roofs do not fix themselves nor do they get better on their own. Even if the leak is not bad yet, make sure to get it fixed right away. We often hear from owners that they have noticed dark spots on their ceiling or some bubbling for some time, but thought it was not anything serious. Ignoring or avoiding the problem will not fix the leak in your roof. There have been many cases that by the time you notice damage in your home it is already too late.


If your roof is less than 15 years old, the leak can probably be spot-repaired instead of having a total replacement. Just keep in mind that a long leak will not go away – it is bound to get worse.


Contact us today if you are having any problem with roofing leaks at home. We hope to hear from you soon!

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