Roofing Tips for the Fall

Before heavy winter ice and snow kick in, it is important that you are assured of the shape of your roof. Doing some maintenance work during the fall is a great way to keep it in top condition over the winter.

Here are some helpful tips for you:

Clean your gutters to allow water to flow properly off your roof. When your gutters are clogged, water will just splash back onto your roof and that can lead to damages like cracks and mould. Keep an eye on those gutters especially during this season where fall leaves may pile up on your roof. To make the job easier, you can always install gutter guards as well.

Trim those trees, especially if there are branches that are way too close to your home. They may pose a danger to your roof later. Doing this before those autumn leaves start falling can minimize your job of removing them from your gutter system, too.

Have a pre-winter inspection done. It is possible that your knowledge of roofing is limited so it’s better done by a professional.

Perform necessary repair work and replace what needs replacement. After the inspection, you’d have a clear idea of the status of your roof. Your roofer/inspector will let you know what the best course of action is for your roof. You might hesitate about getting your roof fixed straight away, but the truth is, it is better to have it done now.

The coming winter months call for strong and sturdy roofing. Maintaining your roof prior to this harsh season means you can relax and not worry about any roofing problems when fixing it is not a possibility. If your roof needs any repair work or if your inspector tells you that you are due for a replacement, call only the top roofers in the area.

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