Winter is Coming. Is Your Roof Ready?

The short summer season is rapidly coming to a close, and before we know it winter storms will be hitting most of Saskatchewan. Now is the time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter season.

One of the best ways to prepare your roof for the winter is to perform a roof inspection in the fall. Below are some tips while preparing your roof for winter weather in the fall:

Clean Debris
If your roof has leaves, twigs, branches or dirt covering its surface, make sure to clean it up as soon as possible. Debris can cause mold, fungus and mildew to grow on the membrane. It can also wear down the membrane and cause water infiltration to the inside of your building.

While cleaning debris on your roof, ensure you are also checking the gutters and downspouts. Oftentimes, commercial buildings have residential gutters and downspouts installed which cannot support larger volumes of water, snow, ice and debris.

If you notice your gutters are sagging or overflowing, consult with a roof inspector to see if your building might benefit from industrial water drainage. Water constantly pouring over the gutter edge will infiltrate the foundation of the building and cause even more damage.

Check Insulation for Water Infiltration
Wet or damaged insulation could cause heating costs to skyrocket in the winter months. It can also cause mold and mildew inside your building. Getting insulation replaced is costly but necessary if there is any damage. Before replacing the insulation, take care to identify the area where water is infiltrating your roof to damage the insulation. Once the leak is fixed, only then should you replace the insulation.

Inspect the Roof Edge
The roof edge is the building’s first line of defense against severe weather. If incorrect fasteners are used, improper installation occurs, or weather/time damage the edge it becomes more vulnerable. Inspect the roof edge both from the ground and on the roof. A ground-view allows you to spot inconsistencies or weaknesses before heading up to the roof to inspect those areas closer.

Contact SW Roofing today for any concerns you may have about your roof before winter hits!

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